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This tution aims to prepare students for 8th standard NSW exams

This lecture explains how COSO framework is implemented in companies. This is explained by practical examples.

This lecture is given by CA Ravindra Tiwari. CA Ravindra Tiwari has over 11 years  of experience in audit, enterprise risk management in various MNCs.

Risk Register Preparation Weekly Classes

Many organizations have concerns over the completeness of their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Risk Register since it is created by interviews with Executives around what risk issues they are aware of or come to mind. This You-Tube by Brett Knowles of RiskScorecard.net walks you through how you can use an existing Risk Category Framework as a check list to 'remind' executives of the risk categories that should be covered within the risk register. Spreadsheets to do this work are available through RiskScorecard.net

In this course I will explain you how to implement and prepare risk register pan country level. This is based on my experience of working in risk management function of various multinational companies.

I am risk management/audit professional having experience of 11 years in risk and audit function of various MNC companies

This course describes what is risk assessment and provide practical tips on How to do Risk Assessment

"Need a refresher on SOX Section 404 requirements without reading Auditing Standard 5? Want the Cliff Notes to AS5? What came before AS5 and why was it passed? Want to hear the history of the ""integrated audit""? This is part 1 of a series to de-mystify SOX 404. It covers these sections from Auditing Standard No. 5: 

1. Introduction 

2. Integrating the Audits 

3. Planning the Audits"

Want the cliff notes to Auditing Standards 5? This is part 5 of a series to de-mystify SOX 404. It covers Identifying Entity-Level Controls.

This controls explains by practical examples - how to test controls for SOX purposes

Children are future of any country and needs to be provided best health and education facilities. They needs to be protected from various natural and man made disasters in best possible ways.  Unfortunately governments in developing countries are not able to fulfill these responsibility in holistic way.


This free hindi presentation/tutorial is 20 minutes video presentation and explains in brief various WHO/UNESCO guidelines on children health and education rights. These guidelines have been accepted in principle by various governments but rarely followed. This is for benefit and attentions of governments, general public and also parents.


This is being presented by  child specialist Dr. T. D. Tiwari, who worked  in various government hospitals and also worked as Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO). During his tenure as CMHO,  he led various WHO/government initiatives/projects on pediatrics health and nourishment.


He provides more such free presentations on iunique.org 


Please register in iunique.org website to have free access to his other presentations.

Internal Audit Standards - Best Practices Session by By CA. Sabareesan S.Venkatesh

This course provide overview on how to do fraud risk assessment.

Iyad Mourtada of  http://www.openthinking.ae teaches new IPPF stanadards for CIA exams preparation.

In this series of online sessions, I have described approach to conduct "Procurement and Accounts Payable" audit. I tried to described how to conduct process walk-through and testing for this audit.

I am Chartered Accountant with 11 years of experience in audit and risk management. I have worked in audit department of various MNCs

I describe in this practical approach for  continuous risk monitoring in hospital operations. This is done basically by red flag reporting.

I am Chartered Accountant with more than 11 years of experience in audit and risk management. I have worked in audit and risk department of various MNC companies.


This is first part of series of virtual class rooms on revenue fraud schemes. This explains some of revenue fraud schemes and how to uncover these schemes.

This is presented by Chartered Accountant Ravindra Tiwari. Ravindra has more than 11 years experience in audit , risk management and forensic audit in large MNC corporations.


This course describes audit follow-up process and suggestive follow-up format. This course aim to prepare you for effective audit followup activity.

This course describes audit follow up process which is followed up in organizations.

Prof. Helen Brown explains in this course how to prepare audit plan and prepare audit program in companies

In the CIMA OCS Pre-seen Analysis, Astranti CIMA tutor James Nutting takes you through the entire May CIMA OCS Mansako Pre-seen from front to back. It will ensure you don’t miss anything and have a comprehensive understanding of the material, from a CIMA F1 and CIMA P1 perspective. This knowledge is vital if you are to gain high marks in the CIMA Operational Case Study exam this May. Subscribe to view our latest CIMA sample videos and documents, as well as your own free mock exam!


This is third lecture in series of practical COSO implementation approach. This has been presented by CA Ravindra Tiwari. He is chartered accountant with 11 years of experience in audit and risk management.  He had worked in audit department of various MNCs .

This course is next part of series of COSO implementation guide. This course is presented by CA Ravindra Tiwari . He is Chartered Accountant with eleven years of experience in audit and risk management. He has worked in audit and risk department of various MNCs. In this course he throws light on practical tips on COSO implementation.

This course provides practical tips to implement COSO

I teach spoken english weekly classes through live video sessions on weeklu\y basis. Please pay and register for these weekly classes

I teach Spoken and Business English by Stanley Gordon James Murphy on weekly virtual basis.

I am a native of the United Kingdom  i.e. born, educated, and lived in London. My degree, which was authenticated previously, by the British Council, is a Bachelor of Laws degree, with Honours-it is a four year professional qualifying degree. I am also an Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives U.K., and a Member of the Institute of Public Sector Management (Finance & Policy for civil servants and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts F.R.S.A. I have a 150 hour face-to-face TEFL/TESOL certificate with an observed teaching component.  I have continually been teaching English to under-graduate, post-graduate following a formal academic teaching & learning structure and professional corporate learners - teaching  essential English skills for survival in business as well as life-long learning skills beyond purely academic, thus more informal and culturally diverse in South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and P.R.China.

I provide  weekly online class for spoken english. As a teacher, I want to take part on my student’s lives and share my knowledge to them. I also want to gain experience and learn from them as well. For I believe that teaching is the best way to influence other people and touch each other’s lives.

I take frequent english grammar virtual classroom sessions for primary and secodary school students.

I am a professional English language teacher with more than 13 years of experience. I worked in primary, secondary schools, and online companies  Bibo, ItutorABC, Nicekid, HelloKid.

Master's degree in English Language and Literature 

Cambridge professional TEFL certificate (140 hours)

I am looking to contribute my knowledge and skills in the best online  schools.

I take weekly classes to teach english grammar to students.

I have a passion for teaching and making ways in which learning is fun in a productive and active way. 

I have completed 120 hour online TEFL course with high distinction

In this video, I teach how to prepare tasty mango pickle. Pickles made from this method will not deteriorate for years.

I run YouTube channel "Shyam's Kitchen Tadka",  where I teach preparation of many indian recipes. Please subscribe this channel to get updates on my classes.

In this course I list down in brief all provisions of Corporate governance under companies act 2013.

I am Chartered Accountant with 11.5 years of experience in audit and risk management. I worked in management positions at internal audit and risk department of various MNCs